The Lost Hero Review

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

This book starts at the Wilderness School, a school which teaches ' valuable life skills ' . It tells the tale of three unlikely friends, a son of Jupiter with no memory of his past ; a daughter of Aphrodite and a famous Cherokee movie star ; a son of Hephaestus who loves to play pranks, destined to save Hera, the imprisoned queen of Olympus. They are shocked when a classmate, Dylan, reveals his true identity as a storm spirit, a venti and Coach Hedge reveals his nature as a satyr. The three arrive at camp half-blood and have the same vision, sent by Hera, to free her. They fight many monsters, evil sorcerers and kings who have returned from the dead such as Midas, Medea, the snow queen Khione, Ma Gasket the cyclopes and finally, the king of the giants, Porphyrion. He is no match for Jason, but Piper and Leo break Hera's cage, who summons all her power to defeat the monsters. They learn their true enemy, the oldest, most primordial goddess, mother of titans-Gaea. This amazing book is worth more than 5 stars as the story plot is well-balanced and every chapter is a cliffhanger. Thank You !

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