Review of The Dark Prophecy ( Trials of Apollo #2)

I reviewed the first book about 2 days ago. So, here is my review of the second book -

** spoiler alert ** “It's not how long you live that matters. It's what you live for.”

I can't get enough of this book. It is simply FABULOUS . Do I need to say anything more ?

After reading the The Hidden Oracle, I was convinced that it would be the best in the series; but this one made me think again . It was awesome because of many reasons. The first is that the plot is spellbinding and we reunited with many of our favorite characters. The mystery, the thrill is just unmatchable . The second reason is that LEO AND CALYPSO ARE BACK !!!! Finally, my favorite characters are back in the storyline. After that spooky cliffhanger in The Blood of Olympus, I could not wait to see Leo and Calypso reunite with the other demigods. Plus, I personally think that Leo, Calypso and Apollo/ Lester make a formidable trio ! The last reason is that we met many new characters like Georgina, Hunter Kowalski, Commodus etc. This book was fascinating and I want to rate it more than 5 stars !!!!!

- Review by Saina Jain

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