"Most Popular Books of 2021" list out now !!!

Yeah, I've finally released the "Most Popular Books of 2021" list !!! I'll not be adding it in my post, but you'll notice a new page called "Most Popular Books of 2021" on my website. Click on it and open the main page to find the list. There will be information buttons next to each book and you can click on them to view each book's summary and cover. I've even attached screenshots of the steps. Here you are-

Step-1- Long press on the third item of the menu. You'll see many subpages, but you should open the main page.

Step-2- Click on the information button of any book you want. To show you, I'll click on the button of the 1st book.

Step-3- Voilà! You'll see the summary and cover.

So how did you like my list ? Tell me in the comments !!!!

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