Mad Libs

Have you ever done mad libs ? They are stories with blanks so that no matter what words you put in, it becomes HILARIOUS ! So, I prepared one for u. Fill in the blanks with the hints in the brackets. Here it is.

I was at the _________ ( any fun place ) yesterday, babysitting my little _____________ ( relative ), when I noticed a girl with green ears and a pink face ! I was really ____________ ( adjective ) but when the girl disappeared, I thought maybe I had imagined it. Suddenly, there was a loud _______ ( any sound ) and when I looked around, there was a ________ ( any flying object) flying around !! The door opened and in came a crowd of ______ ( any creature) all dressed up. The lead ________ ( any creature) was dressed up as __________ ( your FAV singer) . They began ______ ____( verb ending with -ing )and I felt a _____ ( synonym of weird ) desire to join them . Suddenly , they grabbed me and took me back to their __________ ( any flying object ). Just as I was about to find out what happened next, my alarm clock rang !! I had eaten a lot of __________ ( any tasty food ) , so that was probably why I had this crazy dream.

So what was your story ? Tell me in the comments !!

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